Private Equity Business Consultant

Providing the Investor clarity, predictability and support Pre- and Post- Transaction

Challenges the Investor faces:

  • Company or Department Reorganization
  • Replacing infrastructure in Corporate Divestitures
  • Refining Growth strategy to Maximize ROI   

Pre Analysis and Assessment

  • Processes and Operational Efficiency
  • Measuring Organizational Alignment
  • Skill and Talent Availability
  • Gap Analysis and Implementation Planning

Post Implementation Action Plan

  • Leadership, Teaming and Talent Mentorship
  • Business Alignment for Stakeholders
  • Formulation of  Growth Strategy and Milestones
  • Process Evaluation and Optimization

See how Andrew Reed can help manage your portfolio companies

Operational Experience to Complement Your Financial Expertise 


I have no doubt that you will be incredibly successful. I remember that you are one of the most thorough colleagues I have ever worked with, which is a rare trait indeed.” Tom C., Corporate and Transactional Attorney

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