Reed Consulting Services (RCS) aims to provide Reliable Creative Solutions to its clients based on over 41 years of experience with the intent of developing and maintaining satisfied and enduring multi-level client and partner relationships, which can stand the test of time.

RCS is a collaborative solution seeker willing to take on projects and business enhancement assignments in any geographic region and depending on size, complexity and duration of the engagement will involve other associates as necessary to insure schedules can be met in accordance with the highest
professional standards in all aspects and disciplines.  Whether your needs are domestic or international, The RCS team can bring the resources to bear that will enhance your sourcing, processes, and products.

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“Andrew is an exceptional manager and strategic thinker. He maintains a balance of being detail-oriented / hands-on, while still maintaining a strategic / high-level perspective of the issues. He is constantly generating ideas and suggestions, which are typically very well thought through taking both the economic facts and the people factor into consideration. Finally, he is very good in motivating and driving his team to output by making it a rule to always explain the bigger picture.” Felix S., Boston Consulting Group

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