Who Am I?

Hello, I am Andrew Reed.

I founded Reed Consulting Services in order to help you grow your business by leveraging my 40+ years of experience operating in multi-national,  multi-cultural environments.
I can help you set and realize goals, achieving the results and the vision that have always been in your dreams. I have years of management and operational experience at the highest levels of international corporate business where I have honed the skills that I can bring to your operation.

Added value that I can bring:


  • Communicates on different levels with all types of people, gets the message across in a way that is understood by all.
  • Is familiar with, and has worked internationally in many different cultures.


  • Understands the importance of building a strong team, and developing positive relationships between team members.
  • Will optimize your tracking and measurements of performance.
  • Involves all personnel to understand their role and contribution.
  • Inspires, empowers and ensures others are successful and appreciated.


  • Cares about your business, your employees and your clients and will earn their respect at all levels.
  • Understands staff is the most critical part of the business and will lead by example with integrity.
  • Possesses and fosters in others strong critical thinking skills.
  • Manages effectively by providing mentoring, coaching and ongoing feedback.
  • Dedicated and committed to the success of client’s business.

 A seasoned bilingual (German) executive with CEO experience, who has lived in Europe, Asia and America.